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still don't have a reason

the mirror, the sword, the shield

who I never was

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still don't have a reason
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still don't have a reason
Think I'm the worst Xion ever and can't bear to watch me keep going on without some corrections? Here's the place to give your input.

[Accidental Video | Action for Saffron City]
pressure in my head
[ The feed snaps on, and the interior shows it be somewhere in the... Pokemon Center? The feed shakes slightly and Bahamut the Gabite's face is briefly seen. Then he yelps as the Gear he was playing with is snatched from him, accompanied by the sound of a certain Haunter laughing in his face.

The camera swerves around wildly until- ]

an awkward moment appears!Collapse )

[ ooc: Riku is this color. Comments will be tagged with both when able. ALL THE HAWKWARD AND FAILINGS. ]

[Audio | Action TO ALL | Fourth Wall Event]
losing my mind

[ Is that a distorted, but may be recognizable voice? Why, yes, maybe, to those who know her. There's heavy breathing, but it distances itself from the Gear, and there's surprised sounds from a Togekiss, Typhlosion, and Gabite in the background.

Xion shakes her head. No, no, this can't be happening. Wait, she knew this place might have had a chance for something like this, but... A-Ahhghhh... She holds up hands that aren't human, gold talons moving at her will...

Fix this... Have to fix...

Swish swish swish. Clothes are being put on. Then: ]

I need... I need help. With something. Please.

[ Maybe it doesn't have to be Roxas this time. Maybe it could be Sora. Or Ven. Or anyone. ]

[ooc: 4TH WALL EVENT! GUESS WHO'S GOING TO TRY AND FIND SOMEONE TO FINISH HER? She'll be under her hood, and underneath she'll look... like this. Just maybe not gigantic. And it can be anyone. Corridors of Darkness can be convenient in traveling around, why can't Johto just allow that...

So yeah! If you're up for a fight, or just to convince this derp and stop her dead (hah) in her tracks from setting on a selfdestruction path... by all means! ]

[Video | Action for Saffron City]
surprise buttsex?!
[ When the feed clicks on, it's the sky. Then Bahamut the Gabite looms his head over the Gear before picking it up and Gaaaaaaabiiiites at the feed in greeting. He's never really played with his trainer's Gear before, but now he can since he now has arms! ]

Ah, I think that's enough for now, dearie. Thank you so much for your help!

It was my pleasure, ma'am.

[ Bahamut turns the feed and shifts onto Xion and a young woman. Despite having her right arm in a sling, it looks like Xion's carrying a bunch of bags and a box on her left arm. Her back's turned, unaware that her Pokemon's messing with the Gear. Xion's giving the items back to the woman, probably things from a shopping spree. ]

You're working hard, aren't you? Preparing early for Christmas?


How wonderful! Oh, your friends must be so lucky. Well, I'll send in a good word at the Market. But I think you deserve something a little extra...

Extra? No, that's fine, I-

[ And then the woman leans forward and... something happens. Kissing?! Bahamut makes a sound. It's unsure where the woman kissed Xion; maybe the forehead? The nose? The cheek? Lips?! But it's brief, and the woman waves heartily with a "Tootaloo!" while Xion just stands there, dumbfounded. ]

Uhh... [ She raises a hand to the spot. What was that? What did she do? Then she remembers Bahamut's behind her, and turns. ] Did you see that? Did you see what she did to m-

[ He's recording. Recording. Other people have seen. She... isn't sure if this is a good thing. ] Bahamut... turn that off.

[ Bahamut the Gabite just jumps up and down in glee for his trainer, shaking the feed. Mates! Mates! And then he does what he's told. ]

[ ooc: Rest? REST?! REST IS FOR THE WEAK. As for the reason why she's working... Christmas Gift List! ]

wake up with bloodshot eyes
[ She's been contemplating this, yes, ever since she got her ass handed back to her by Vanitas. She's lost, sure, many times in fact... but this one in particular... ]

How... when do you know you're strong? That you're not weak?

[ She might end that last sentence in a bitter hiss. Sure, she's lost, but when it involves her friends (and Pokemon), it becomes another thing. She couldn't beat Vanitas, came out even more battered, and well aware her appearance would worry friends. So lately she's been hanging around the roof of Goldenrod City's Department Store.

It sounds like she's going to say more, but whatever it is dissolves into a sigh and stops. ]

[Action for Goldenrod | Video; Backdated to October 10th]
I got it bro
[ Action ]

[ She really shouldn't be out of bed so soon after such an exciting, but almost grueling tournament, but here Xion is, walking to the Goldenrod Department Store. She'd had hours of being in the Pokemon Center to treat her wounds, so now she's walking around looking like this to anyone who cared to look. She does have a small grin on her face; she really didn't expect to make it to Round 3. The results of her battles? Latvia: Epic. Russia: Epic and victory! Xanxus: ... Epic beatdown, but still no less epic.

'Course, Xion's careful to hide the injuries sustained on her body, and since the weather seemed to be getting weirder and darker, she's currently in her old Organization coat which, ironically, had quite the functional hood for when it really rained.

Off to get some medicine! ... because she really didn't want to hold up Roxas and Namine's plans to go to Cinnabar, too. ]

[ Later Video]

Would anyone know where a person called the Move Tutor would be at now? I'd like to see if he can teach my pokemon some techniques.

[Action | Video]
the other twilight
[ Action Portion ]

[ Xion's taking in the sights of Goldenrod City, now that she's finally arrived. It... really is a big city, she hasn't actually been here before, and the big, tall buildings surrounding her makes her look up at awe in front of them. Sure, she's been on and seen some bigger structures, but to see them all tightly packed...

She turns to Roxas and Namine. ]

So this is Goldenrod, huh? [ Could they just tell the feeling of excitement from her? Call her a noob or whatever, but after spending weeks in Olivine City - which she really had no problem with - and then seeing this place? ALL THE SPARKLES. ]

This... It's different. I like it. I wonder what we can do here? [ Other than just being here for the Battle Tournament, of course. Speaking of Battle Tournament, a wooden Keyblade, slightly more polished and sturdy now compared to her previous one, is strapped to her lower back.

She is so ready. ]

[ Video Portion ]

[ After wandering around Goldenrod to get her bearings, Xion's opening up a feed. She knows some of the people she's talked with over the Gear are stationed in Goldenrod, but she also has to wonder... ]

So I wonder... who's going to participate in the Tournament? What sort of training are you doing to prepare for it?

[ Then she looks up and at her surroundings, then lets out a seemingly contented sigh. ]

Phew. This city's huge.

[Video | Action]
of temper and irrationality
[ Good afternoon, Johto. Y'might be greeted to an odd sight today as Xion's Gear comes alive thanks to Bell the Togekiss (who somehow has managed to work it despite not having any... arms, per se). ]

Hah! Yah!

[ Wooden Keyblade in hand, Xion's swinging at an invisible enemy like this. A jump, and she tries an air combo. Least she's not doing any of the fancy stuff she knows, and even if she could, her now human body would make it difficult to do so anyway.

But the expression on her face... and the amount of force it looks like she's putting into the swings... Someone hasn't had a good night nor sleep, that's for sure.

She stops when Axel the Typhlosion walks into view. Training time? Don't we all love some training time! Xion goes into a stance until Axel fires a spurt of bright, hot flames at her. Dodge roll, then she swings at his chest, but obviously makes sure she misses on purpose. She doesn't want to hurt him.

A minute or two of this passes, and somehow, Bahamut the Gible scampers into view. He bumps into the back of Xion's leg, making her stumble slightly, distracting her enough that she can't stop Axel from swiping her wooden Keyblade out of her hand. Clattering to the side and out of reach, Xion only has a few moments before Axel swipes at her again. Guess what happens when you take a Keyblade out of their wielder's hand? Especially when she can't summon it back...

No hand-to-hand experience, either. She tries to block the blow, but then he just... headbutts her. Bearing in mind Bahamut is still behind her, she tries to fall where she doesn't squish him.


Xion: 0 | Axel: 1

She lets out a shuddering sigh, maybe a bit frustrated, but not at Axel or anything. At least Bahamut walked out unscathed as he comes up to her face and licks her cheek, but she doesn't move herself from the sandy floor. ]

I need to change this.

[ Seeing all this, Bell thinks the spectacle's over and shuts the feed. ]

I got it bro
[ Someone's looking pretty chipper today! Chipper than usual. Chipper than the last time she broadcasted, that's for sure. She can explain why, but she's got another inquiry. ]

Aside from friends, what other references do you use to name your pokemon? An egg of mine just hatched and I-

[ There's a huge shadow that looms over her shoulder, folks, and since the Gear's turned her way, you can see the silhouette of something... like a bear? She only has a moment to blink before said shadow practically drops down on her and she lets out a cry, dropping to the ground in a heap with the Gear clattering to the ground. Least you can still see her. Guess who evolved into his final form? Axel the Typhlosion is practically lying on top of his trainer in happiness, then there's a shadow that flies over them... and Bell the Togekiss perches on the ground near Xion's head, chirping happily, too. ]

U-Urgh... [ Xion squirms and struggles, but only manages to get her arms out from the weight of her Typhlosion. The Gear is nudged as her newly hatched Gible bounds over to the fray and promptly licks her in the face before clamping his huge jaw on one of her coat's sleeves and trying his best to pull her free. The Gible himself might actually be a bit bigger than normal to those who own one, but since Xion hasn't see an actual Gible till now... She thinks that's the appropriate size. It is a dragon, after all. ]

... Chompy? [ She suggests to herself and maybe to others, but between the chirping, hugging, and tugging, she can only sigh. ]