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still don't have a reason

the mirror, the sword, the shield

who I never was

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the other twilight
[ Action Portion ]

[ Xion's taking in the sights of Goldenrod City, now that she's finally arrived. It... really is a big city, she hasn't actually been here before, and the big, tall buildings surrounding her makes her look up at awe in front of them. Sure, she's been on and seen some bigger structures, but to see them all tightly packed...

She turns to Roxas and Namine. ]

So this is Goldenrod, huh? [ Could they just tell the feeling of excitement from her? Call her a noob or whatever, but after spending weeks in Olivine City - which she really had no problem with - and then seeing this place? ALL THE SPARKLES. ]

This... It's different. I like it. I wonder what we can do here? [ Other than just being here for the Battle Tournament, of course. Speaking of Battle Tournament, a wooden Keyblade, slightly more polished and sturdy now compared to her previous one, is strapped to her lower back.

She is so ready. ]

[ Video Portion ]

[ After wandering around Goldenrod to get her bearings, Xion's opening up a feed. She knows some of the people she's talked with over the Gear are stationed in Goldenrod, but she also has to wonder... ]

So I wonder... who's going to participate in the Tournament? What sort of training are you doing to prepare for it?

[ Then she looks up and at her surroundings, then lets out a seemingly contented sigh. ]

Phew. This city's huge.

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There's a lot we can do. Go to the department store, there's the gym, the underground mall, the radio tower...

[he's looking around. Been a while since he was last here.]

[ She blinks at one of his suggestions. ]

An underground mall?

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, Ven! I'll be sure to try my hardest.

[ Herp, she's not the best of fighters, but she can, at least, put up a decent fight? Prolly not Keyblade Master material like everyone else around her, though. ]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)


Yo, Xion. When'd you get here?

[ The hair ruffle surprises her, but it's the familiar voice that dispels the shock and surprise just a little. She smiles when she tries to look up at him. ]

Lancer! Heh, just a few minutes ago, actually. How've you been?

[Walking around with his Mightyena next to him.



[ She turns at the voice, then smiles and waves. ]

Hey, Atsuro!

[He smile and wave back.]

Hey, Xion! Didn't know you're here in Goldenrod as well.

I am! I'm just gonna wing it, though.

[Okay, so she hasn't heard much about this tournament, but...]

The kind of training you do for a tournament depends on what kind of tournament it is. There's no point in training to use a sword if it's just going to be fist fighting.

[Or something like that, at any rate.]

They said anything is allowed... so long as it's wooden if it's an actual weapon.

['sup, Xion. Have a very confident looking 'ku.]

I'm going to compete. Not too sure about training yet, but I'll work something out.

[ Oh, she doesn't expect anything less! In fact, she's more expecting the skills Riku had when she first met him... ]

So that means you'll be in Goldenrod soon, right? Or are you around here now?

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