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still don't have a reason

the mirror, the sword, the shield

who I never was

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[Accidental Video | Action for Saffron City]
pressure in my head
[ The feed snaps on, and the interior shows it be somewhere in the... Pokemon Center? The feed shakes slightly and Bahamut the Gabite's face is briefly seen. Then he yelps as the Gear he was playing with is snatched from him, accompanied by the sound of a certain Haunter laughing in his face.

The camera swerves around wildly until- ]

--Riku, please!

Not a chance. [He puts his hands on his hips and leans forward.]

You're in no shape to be leaving town.

[ Oh dear. Oh me, oh my! Looks like they're having a spat squabbling. Xion makes a rude noise and holds her side and trying to stand up from the bed, but Riku's being a firm wall in the way. Hell, they seem so into the argument that they don't realize Phantom and his shenanigans with Bahamut looking on in wonder. ]

I'm fine. I can still move. I need to get these gifts out to the others.

If it's that important, can't you get someone else to send them? Mail to Johto can't be that much of a hassle.

[In the background, Phantom snickers. Riku doesn't take much notice, heaving an agitated sigh.]

What you need is rest, and lots of it. Hopping on a train is not going to help.

It's just a walk. I'm not exerting myself, and I want to see Roxas and Namine, and... and then I can...

[ No, she can't reveal her plans. Not to Riku, anyway, if he's being this vehement about her resting. She shakes her head, knowing words won't settle with him and quickly tries to get off and out of the bed. ]

I don't think so.

[Nope, sorry. That won't work. He's going to stand in her way, taking hold of one of her arms.]

Your friends'll understand if you can't make it. They're probably just as worried.

But... I...

[ Auuugh, she shouldn't have moved so fast. Sure, it's been days, but the condition in her body was very... bad. She coughs, slumping forward and quickly places a hand to her mouth and pulls it away to reveal red. Bahamut lets out a cry and runs to her side, but she gently nudges him away. Bahamut makes an irritated noise and points to Phantom, but she doesn't see, can't see with her right. Her head presses against Riku's chest as all this arguing is just... tiring her.

But she's stubborn... and stubbornness can only take her so far. ]

Then what? I don't want to... stay cooped up here.

[Riku sighs. He understands. Really, he does. Staying cooped up all day would drive him nuts, but even he knows better than to rush out of town in her condition. Especially if she's coughing out blood.

Frowning, he'll hold her steady. This arguing is pretty tiring.]

I understand, but I swear I'll make it up to you when you're feeling better. Right now's not a good time.

[ She sighs, heavily, takes a long moment to think, then nods against his chest before slumping back down onto the bed. Bahamut runs up to Phantom and growls and yelps for him to turn the Gear off. Finally noticing the commotion, Xion turns to Phantom and Bahamut and... freezes. ]


... Oh, great.

[Phantom snickers, keeping the focus on Riku and Xion, while making faces at Bahamut. In return, Riku shoots a nasty glare toward the camera.]

Drop it, Phantom.

[Drop it, you say? The Haunter smirks, instead tossing the 'Gear up and down in one hand.]

[ Then Bahamut to the rescue! He manages to swipe it out of Phantom's hand, and the feed ends. ]

[ ooc: Riku is this color. Comments will be tagged with both when able. ALL THE HAWKWARD AND FAILINGS. ]

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[Okay, the stubborn desire to get out she gets. But the coughing up blood? That really should override any stubborn...thank Fal'Cie Riku's there or there would be a mess. Considering she's already linefacing, though....yeah. Xion stay down!]

He's right, you know. You need to rest and heal. This isn't just broken arm anymore, Xion.

[ When Xion actually manages to get her Gear back and make sure it isn't broken... Her face comes in, and Lightning may notice the grayed out right eye staring back. ]

I don't even know how I got like this, Lightning.

...The fact that you are coughing blood should be proof that you'll not be fit to travel for some time still.

[Cecil is using the Parent Voice for this message, along with the Parent Frown and the Parent Worry.]

[ Too bad she's not familiar with all sorts of Parent things... well, unless it's Lightning or Leon, but that's because she sees that often. ]

But it's just a few minutes walk, then a long, six-hour ride back.

[Oh my god. Blood.]

[What is this? What is going on? What is Roxas watching? Oh god oh god oh god]

[She said she was alright. She said was going to be okay. That? That is not okay. Panic panic panic okay calm down.]

[ Xion oh my goodness what are you thinking... ;n; ]

Don't worry about your presents, Xion. They can wait.

How'd you get like this, anyway?

That's the thing, I don't know. Three days passed, but I was out for a while.

Xion, you really should listen to Riku!

[ Xion stubbornly wipes at the bit of red still dotting her lips before letting out a sigh. ]

I am. [ I'm trying. ]

--I don't know. I really don't. The three days that passed... something happened.

You're not going anywhere.

[ The way he says it, there isn't even any anger. He looks upset and tired and incredibly worried. He'd heard it was bad, but he didn't think it was bad. Xion got herself into enough scrapes that Leon thought this was just like those times. ]

I guess... not in a few days, at least.

[ Oh, Xion. So persistent. ]

[ Well, looks like Xion's friend is taking care of the "you're too sick to move" argument for the moment, so Fang'll take a slightly different approach. ]

Should've known. I finally get on the damn train and you're planning on comin' back. If you ain't gonna listen to your friend there, can't ya at least wait for me to get there before leaving?

Ah... I didn't know you were coming so soon...

[ Sheepish head bow. She's rubbing off the last vestiges of blood from her lips. ]

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